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i live in queens and i teach U.S. History. i like to think that i'm a relatively well-rounded person. i like art and reading, i listen to punk and alternative music, but i also like a little bit of everything. if you sit down with me for coffee, i guarantee we could have an endless conversation on subjects most would characterize as pointless. i identify with jennifer aniston's character in 'along came polly' (except for the whole dating men aspect ;), and i'm a big fan of movies in general (even bad ones). i'm getting my masters in history and have a definite nerdy side. although right now i'm choosing to shape the lives of inner city youth, i'm secretly counting down the seconds until i can lock myself away in my university office and do research all day. seriously. i could honestly go on and on here, so, in sum, i'm probably not that much different than everyone else on this thing. but, different enough, i'm sure. interested in reading the crazy inner-workings from a twenty-something, femme lesbian's brain? then, go ahead, friend me. i dare you ;)